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Thread: [GBA] Reaxion - Final version of the homebrew classic released on cartridge!

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    GBA [GBA] Reaxion - Final version of the homebrew classic released on cartridge!

    Hi there, it's James from here.

    So what's this all about then? Check out - we've got a new cart for sale: the finished version of Cosine/WiDDY's Reaxion for the GBA.

    Cut and pasted from the RGCD shop page:

    "It's been a long time in the making, but RGCD's third GBA homebrew cartridge is finally here! Cosine and RGCD are proud to present Reaxion GBA, as reviewed in RGCD#03 (where it received a huge 90% score). Strictly limited to less than 100 carts and on sale for the budget price of 7.00 I strongly recommend that you grab yourself a copy before they sell out. For of those unfamiliar with the game, an excerpt from the write up follows...

    Cosine have been unusually busy this summer (probably due to the crappy weather we've been having) and their latest game has made my GameBoy Advance very happy indeed. Coded for the game development competition at this year's Buenzli 16 party, I'll be surprised if WiDDY and T.M.R's GBA conversion of Reaxion doesn't grab an award.

    Cosine's Reaxion is officially the group's most ported game; it's simple premise has also been translated from the C64 to the C128, Commodore Plus/4 and Atari XE/XL (with Spectrum, NES and GameBoy Color versions in the pipeline). However, I reckon they'll be hard pushed to beat this incarnation of their popular puzzler.

    So what's it all about? Well, the background story sees you playing the role of a nuclear power-plant operative deep in the bowels of the Wenley Moor power station. The plant's main CPU has become infected with a nasty computer virus, resulting in all the immediate shutdown of all safety system and complete randomisation of the reactor core settings. Clearly this is not good news. Your task is to reset all 99 dangerously unstable reactor cores before they go critical. Fail, and its goodbye planet Earth; Succeed, and the government will probably cover up the whole mess and have you permanently 'silenced' anyway - but hey, that's life!

    Like all the best games, Reaxion's simple mechanics take a minute to learn but hours to master. Each unstable reactor is represented on screen as a grid of 56 core cells, and the 'live' cores (green) need to be reset (to red) before the timer runs out. You control a core monitor unit that you can move around the grid, with the 'A' button used to set the selected core's status. The catch is that changing the setting of one core has a chain reaction of similarly changing the setting the eight surrounding cells..."

    Read full game review at

    The carts pricing is as follows:

    UK Customers (Including 1st Class P&P) - 7.00
    UK Customers (Including 1st Class Recorded P&P) - 7.75
    Worldwide Customers (Including Worldwide P&P) - 8.50

    Note that I'm waiting for my next shipment of blank homebrew carts to come in; I've got about 10 left in stock but the new ones will be due in a couple of weeks time. However, I welcome pre-orders and in the unlikely case of any foul-up I guarantee that all money paid will be refunded in full - it won't leave my paypal account until the Reaxion carts have been sent out. Also, owners of the pre-release 'party version' of the game can send back their carts for a free upgrade - just drop me a message via the contact form.

    Also, please note that these carts are sold strictly on a non-commercial, non-profit basis. Any and all revenue from cartridge sales will directly offset the cost of production and shipping. Faulty carts and other returns will be refunded in full.

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    Whoops. That post is probably a bit longer than it needed to be... Apologies for getting carried away with all the pictures as well...! ;0)

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