Comic Studio, a 3DS app that lets users draw their own comics, is set to launch on the eShop in Japan this week. Developer Collavier has confirmed its intentions to launch the app outside of Japan, yet couldn't provide Siliconerawith any kind of timetable for the western debut.

Comic Studio allows users to control the panel layout for each page and, with stylus in hand, fully illustrate their comic creations. Everything must be drawn free-hand, though Comic Studio does provide an ample series of brush options for more personalized style. You can also take a picture with your 3DS and load it into the app for reference when drawing and, once your creation is final, you can export the .jpg to your SD card or share it through email using the 3DS browser.

Comic Studio launches in Japan on January 15 for 800 yen ($8). Specifics on layout, UI and comic creation can be found over on the developer's website, provided you can get some help with translation.