The early success of next-gen consoles appears to have claimed a very high profile victim.
OPM reports that estimates from analysis firm Cowen & Co peg Gran Turismo 6s sales to date in America at 300,000 units. In the same period, predecessor Gran Turismo 5 sold 1,169,074 copies.
For what its worth, the site also reports on figures from VG Chartz that estimate global sales of 2,077,064 for GT6 since launch. In the same period GT5 managed over 5m unit sales.
While all of these numbers are purely estimates, its clear that Gran Turismo 6s release on PS3 AFTER the launch of PS4 has had a significant effect on its success.
All of which makes the possible arrival of Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 this year somewhat more likely, wed have thought.