Ubisoft announced plans to publish a new game in the Tetris series for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today. While no details were given for the new game, the announcement makes mention that it will land on both platforms' digital channels, Xbox Live and PSN.

It's hard to imagine what would make for a truly "next-generation" experience in the storied series, which turns 30 this year. Of the more innovative features the block-based puzzler has seen over the years are online competitive multiplayer modes as well as spins on the traditional Tetris formula in the form of puzzles, the "stack rotation" catch mode found in Tetris DS and the three-dimensional take on the puzzler in Tetrisphere for N64. Given what's hot in video games right now, we're hoping the next-gen Tetris game takes place in a procedurally-generated universe with roguelike treasure-collecting elements and emergent storytelling.