via MCV

MCV sister site Develop reports that Rockstar, no stranger to controversy, has once again hit the internet headlines, this time regarding the credits in Manhunt 2.

In a blog post by Jurie Horneman, previously the game’s producer, it has been revealed that the instruction manual of the recently-released US version of the game fails to credit any of the work done by Rockstar’s Vienna studio, which was unexpectedly closed in 2006.

“To the best of my knowledge, apart from the people who briefly went to Rockstar London to assist with development there, nobody from Rockstar Vienna is mentioned in the credits of Manhunt 2,” writes Horneman.

“I do not want to denigrate what Rockstar London did on Manhunt 2, but as far as I can tell (from analyzing screenshots, previews, etc.) the majority of the work we did at Rockstar Vienna is in the released game.