Jimi Game Shell Case
Manufacturer: Mr Smith
Site: Buy from Jimi
Price: $9.95

Overview : Jimi™ Game Shell is compact, water resistant and shockproof, and you can attach it to your backpack, lanyard or keyring. Within its recyclable sanoprene liners, each case securely holds two Nintendo DS games, two Wii (SD) cards, or two PSP (ProDuo game or music) cards.

Jimi™ Game Shell's translucent outer skin is made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Combined with the cushioning sanoprene lining in planet purple, gunmetal grey, or fire red this splash proof shell makes it ideal for storing your DS and PSP game cards, music or camera memory cards, and it looks really sweet to boot.

Quality/Usability : There have been a couple of vacations where I carried my PSP and DS around with me. Each portable system in its own dedicated case but no place to carry my extra games or memory sticks.

Jimi may be your solution and even mine as well. Jimi is made of durable plastic with sanoprene lining (rubber). You can attach the Jimi to your keyring, bag or string for easy portability. The Jimi is small enough to fit in your pants pocket and light weight that you wont notice it. Jimi comes in three colors of sanoprene lining: Red, Grey or Purple. The plastic shell is all the same clear color.

The sanoprene is removeable. The mold of the sanoprene allows you to hold up to two Pro Duo memory sticks or two SD cards (one on each side) or one of each. Above the memory cards, you can hold two DS games. The memory sticks and DS games are held in place securely. Even if you only had one DS game and the other slot was open and was holding either a Pro Duo or SD, they wont come out unless it was banged on hard.

Conclusion : Overall, the Jimi Game Shell Case is a nice solution to holding your memory sticks and DS games at once and together. I'm not sure if it was my shipment only but it did not come with a keyring like the Jimi Multi-Media Memory Case as that came with a keyring. The price of the Game Shell Case is fairly reasonable as well.

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