Jimi Multi-Media Memory Case
Manufacturer: Mr Smith
Site: Buy from Jimi
Price: $8.95

Overview : Jimi™ multi media case is compact, water resistant and shockproof, and you can attach it to a lanyard or keyring. Within it’s recyclable sanoprene liners it can hold two of any of the 13 most popular formats of digital media or memory cards.

Jimi™ multi media case’s outer shell is made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Combined with the cushioning sanoprene lining this splash proof shell makes it ideal for storing your digital camera media during snow sports, cycling and other outdoor activities.

Or if you just want somewhere to stash your flash memory cards when you’re traveling or living a busy mobile life this’ll do the trick. If you’re a digital photographer, or media or memory card user and have made a New Years resolution to get more organized, the Jimi™ multi media case is a great first step.

Quality/Usability : With my new interest in professional photography, I went and bought digital SLR camera from a family relative. I still have a regular digital camera that I carry around as well. For both these cameras, I have about 1-2 memory sticks.

Jimi is made of durable plastic with sanoprene lining (rubber). You can attach the Jimi to your keyring, bag or string for easy portability. The Jimi is small enough to fit in your pants pocket and light weight that you wont notice it. Jimi seems to come in one color, outer black case with light blue sanoprene liner.

The sanoprene is removeable. The mold of the sanoprene allows you to hold one of each on one side but you can hold a combination of the following formats:
  • xD Card
  • SM Card
  • SD Card
  • MMC Card
  • MMC Micro
  • MMC Mobile
  • Mini SD w/Adapter
  • 1" Harddrive
  • MS Pro Duo
  • Memory Stick
  • Compact Flash
  • Compact Flash II
  • Micro SD w/Adapter

The media cards are held in place securely. If there were some slots that were not filled in, the media cards will not come out unless it was banged on hard.

Conclusion : Overall, the Jimi Multi-Media Memory Case is probably the best solution for carrying all your multi-media cards all in one place. Of course, that is if you have that many different media cards to carry around. What I did notice was that microSD w/adapter was mentioned as being able to be held in the Jimi Multi-Media Memory Case, although true, the adapter is actually a SD card. If you wanted to hold microSD card only, there is no designated spot for it. It will be moving around freely. Those who own a DS and PSP, may want to take a look at the Jimi Game Shell Case.

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