via Eurogamer

Sony has officially deployed the 1.1 patch for PeacePigeon aka WarHawk, and this time it actually meant to release it and everything. Game director Dylan Jobe describes it as "a fast download", which will zap its way down your Interpipes when you next fire up WarHawk.

But what does it do, I hear you ask? It addresses "critical issues with stats and connectivity". Specifically, "stat connection, fetch/post fixes; significantly improved client connection stability; quad '????' ping display bug fixed; added support for Player-Ranked Servers; game synchronisation fixes due to fluctuating network conditions (packet-drop); crash fixes for end of game and split screen".

But wait, that sounds boring! Fortunately, Jobe and his Incog pals are also working on a 1.2 patch that introduces new layouts for existing maps, clan and Buddy list options for servers and other interesting tweaks.

For more on WarHawk, check out our WarHawk gamepage. It's available now as a PSN download or in the shops on a disc with a manual and a headset.