StrmnNrmn has updated his blog since his latest R13 release of his magnificant Nintendo 64 Emulator. Seems like he wants us the fans to create some icons and backgrounds for his emulator as a competition, check it out!

"Monday, November 05, 2007
Icons for Daedalus
I've never taken the time to add icons to the Daedalus EBOOT.PBP. Mostly it's just because I've been lazy (when I develop Daedalus I usually run it through psplink rather than the XMB, so I rarely see the frontend), but also because I've never found a suitable set of icons to use.

There are plenty of icon/background packs floating around for Daedalus, but I've been reluctant to use any of them; I need something that I can freely distribute, but also something that doesn't infringe on any trademarks.

I'd like to add icons and a background to Daedalus for the next release, so I'm opening a 'competition' to try and find the best design. The 'prize' will be full credit in the release notes and on the Daedalus About screen (including a link to your website if you wish). Here's what I'm looking for:

Background 480x272, preferably in .png format

Icon 134*74, preferably in .png format

No use of Nintendo's trademarks! This means no use of the "N64" or "Nintendo" logos. Sorry. Be inventive!

You must own the work you submit, and give me permission to use it with Daedalus PSP

Email your submissions to me ( I'll post all the submissions I receive by 16th November on this site to get people's thoughts, and make a decision the following Monday (19th November - that's two weeks today!)

Of course if you don't like whatever decision I make, you're always welcome to repack the Daedalus EBOOT.PBP and use any of the other graphics people send in

Time to get mspaint fired up!


One thing I think he forgot was the creativity of music in the background of the emulator during viewing from the XMB. Personally I use the green icons from PochiStyle and have Diddy Kong Racing's music theme as the music. Well this looks to be a great new addition for style for R14, hoepfully we'll get some great results!

Via StrmnNrmn's Blog: