Jason UK has released a new version of his Elf menu for Pandora, heres the release details and info:

This is a minimal ELF menu for Pandora.

Replace ms0:/kd/resurrection.elf on your magic memory stick with the one included in this archive, so the PSP loads it when you insert the Pandora battery & memory stick, and it shows a list of ELFs inside the ms0:/elf folder (it will give a warning and shutdown if the folder doesnt exist or there are no ELFs inside it)

Use D-Pad up/down to choose the ELF you want to run, and press X.
Hold HOME and press D-pad up/down to reload the menu if something goes wrong with the arrow, I have fixed as many problems as I could but it's still pretty bugged up. The handling code isn't perfect, but it should have no trouble displaying at least 20 apps.

LoadExec seems to have problems if the filename contains spaces or symbols, so use underscores(_) instead. These will be converted to spaces on the menu, so they look nicer.

Applications containing _SLIM or _FAT at the end of the filename (e.g. blah_SLIM.elf) will be greyed out if the menu is not running on that model.
For example, keyCleaner_FAT.elf will be greyed out and unselectable on a Slim PSP.

If the ELF fails to run, the screen usually flickers and remains on the ELF menu.
Note: you must use ELFs with this, EBOOT.PBP files are likely to fail (Use PBPUnpacker to extract DATA.PSP from whatever EBOOT you want to run, and rename it to whatever.elf)

Finally, there is a Shutdown option at the bottom.

0.2 -> 0.2a
- Fully detects motherboard revision based on Tachyon and Baryon numbers (hardware revision info)
- Increases screen brightness to 80% (only on the fat PSP).
- Battery info in the top right corner

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