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Thread: Memor 32 - Modchip on a Memory Card Released

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    ps2 Memor 32 - Modchip on a Memory Card Released

    Today at Mr Modchips comes the release of Memor 32 which is a new USB Memory Card that via a bios released by a hacking team turns into a Modchip of sorts.

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    Firstly heres the details on the Memory Card:

    New from Mr Modchips (UK)

    The PS2 is certainly no stranger to a continuous flow of great games which is why every hardcore gamer will adore the Memor 32. Featuring a unique USB based design, the Memor 32 is an advanced memory card for use on any PS2 and PSTwo systems around the world. Unlike standard memory cards, the Memor 32 will allow gamers to load and unload save games to and from the PC for use with the PS2. Itís compatibility is up there with the best, with over 1500 games tested and working perfectly.

    - 100% MagicGate compatible powerful 32MB memory card
    - Compatible with all PS2 and PSTwo systems worldwide
    - Integrated USB connector
    - Load and unload saves games to and from the PC for use with the console via software
    - Unrivalled compatibility, over 1500 games tested and save compatible
    - Perfectly plug and play device
    - Two years in development

    Heres the Hack that turns the MemCard into a Modchip of Sorts:

    Finally we are almost done!

    We had some last minute issues and decided to test them deeper to be sure that all was working good.

    We are still completing the User interface and will have to need a couple more days to finish up.

    We decided meantime to release this first BETA PAL ONLY version of the software for everyone to test.

    This should start to give you a good idea about how easy and flexible the final release wil be, but remember, is only a BETA!!

    Download the file Here

    Final version is due this week.

    The Memento Hack Team.

    An Awesome release for Homebrewers and a great way to have modchip capabilities without the need to rip open your console.

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    It looks really interesting. Maybe I'm going to get one of these memory cards in the future

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    no more updates?

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    Does it work with SCPH 9000x consoles ?

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