Last week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mentioned that the company was rethinking its business strategy following poor sales of the Wii U console. Speculation that Nintendo would cease building consoles immediately followed, but Iwata assures fans and investors that this is not the case.

"The spread of smart devices does not spell the end of game consoles. It's not that simple," Iwata stated. "It doesn't mean that we should put Mario on smartphones." Instead, Iwata sees the new ubiquity of mobile devices as a platform that Nintendo could and should tap to promote its console releases. Here h
e cites GungHo Online Entertainment's Puzzle And Dragons as an example, pointing out that the 3DS incarnation of the game sold more than a million copies in its first month of existence, despite Puzzle And Dragons being available as a free-to-play offering on all manner of mobile devices.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Iwata remains convinced that good games can sell consoles, regardless of how technologically impressive they might be - though modern customers need more convincing than earlier generations. To that end, Nintendo is reportedly pouring money into research and development, and "Mr. Iwata promises to surprise game players in the future."