via Games Industry

NCsoft has announced its financial results for the third quarter of this year, with operating and net income down 8 per cent and 5 per cent respectively.

But in the same time period sales rose by 5 per cent overall, including a massive 81 per cent jump in Europe, mostly due to the release of Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Sales by region showed that of the KRW 80 billion (USD 88.3 million) total for the quarter, 55 per cent was attributed to Korea and 45 per cent to overseas.

Of that 45 per cent, North America accounted for USD 15.1 million, Europe for USD 9 million, Japan for USD 8.6 million and Taiwan for USD 2.9 million.

The most popular title by sales was Lineage 2, which took USD 35.8 million, followed by the original Lineage which took USD 26.2 million.

Meanwhile Guild Wars sold USD 14.4 million, and the City of Heroes/Villains franchise, now wholly owned by NCsoft, took USD 6.3 million.

A good fourth quarter is expected with the release of Tabula Rasa, while Aion - which will launch next year - is currently in closed beta