Alekmaul has released a new Atari 800XL emulator for Nintendo DS

Heres info and screenshot etc:

Here is an Atari 800 XL emulator for DS!
This emulator is based on atari800 ( to emulate all components of the Atari.

The family XL was introduced by the model 1200xl. But its incompatibility with the veterans 400 and 800 made him quickly obsolete. It was the 600XL and 800XL, built in 1983, which could make the most extensive libraries of their predecessors. He succeeded in atari 400 (1979), the atari 800 (1979), the 1200 XL (1982), and 600 XL (1983).

The 600XL was the model entry level, with 16K of RAM, expandable to 64. The 800XL came with 64k of RAM. The big differences with the ancestors were linked to the memory and the operating system.

But Commodore, with the C64, practiced aggressive prices and took advantage. The trouble began for Atari at the beginning of 1984, with the boom of video game consoles.

The problems associated with the new production lines have delayed the entry of the machine on the market. Originally intended to replace the 1200XL in mid-83, the machines did not arrive before the end of 1983, and far fewer machines than expected were available during the Christmas period 1983.

Nevertheless, the 800XL is the most popular computer sold by Atari. The 1400XL and 1450XLD saw their delivery date postponed to give priority to the Atari 600XL/800XL and later by the system 3600. Ultimately, the 1400XL was eventually canceled outright, and 1450XLD delayed until also be canceled. The XE System was the answer to the soft Japanese. Without success.

We must also know that we could connect to the chain via a large square, a floppy drive, tape, printer, and so on. The USB hour before then. This is called pseudo USB then ORC.

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