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As you should already know, Tekken 5 online and the Motorstorm content are the big ones in this week's PSN update, but there's are a few other worthwhile treats too.

PSone fans get their nostalgic treat in the form of Cool Boarders (although it's pretty dated, so only grab it for that nostalgic value), and those looking forward to giving EA's new Need for Speed: Pro Street a run now can with the new demo.

There's some Folklore goodies in there for you too. Here's the list with prices:

Full games
  • Tekken 5 DR Online game - 14.99

PSone games
  • Cool Boarders - 3.49

  • Need for Speed: Pro Street - Free

  • Tekken 5: DR Online Upgrade - 3.49
  • Bottom of the Sea (Folklore) - 1.49
  • MotorStorm Devil's Weekend - 3.99

  • Uncharted - Animation Overview - Free