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Thread: PuzzleManiak Version 3.0 beta 5

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    NDS PuzzleManiak Version 3.0 beta 5

    Alex has posted a new version of his Puzzle game collection for the DS

    For this new beta version, a new feature: the Hall of fame!

    The hall of fame replaces the old ‘high scores’ page.
    The hall of fame is divided in 4 rankings for each game/each level:

    Since the beginning of Puzzlemaniak
    Since midnight (GMT)
    Since the last 7 days(GMT)
    Since the last 30 days(GMT)
    The hall of fame stores the 20 best scores of each game/level.
    That’s also the case of the Global Ranking, that is now computed for the 20 first players on each game/level (and scores are thus balanced to 200 instead of 100).

    I hope you’ll enjoy this new version.

    Warning: As this version modifies your score file, please backup it before trying this beta version…

    Download Here

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    How do I get my MP3's to work? I've patched it, selected the right folder, but it's not working. Please help.

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