Despite Microsoft ending support for Windows XP on April 8th, Panda Security has confirmed its corporate solution, Panda Cloud Office Protection, will continue to support Windows XP users.
Although Microsoft will no longer provide technical assistance for the operating system after April, users will still be able to continue using Windows XP, albeit knowing that their computers will be more vulnerable to security risks in general and malware in particular.
“It is very important for us to keep our commitments to our customers,” explained Manuel Santamaría, Global Product Manager at Panda Security.
“Nearly 50 per cent of the two million computers currently protected with Panda Cloud Office Protection have Windows XP installed, so for our customers it is extremely important that we continue supporting this operating system, particularly after their systems lose product support on April 8th, leaving them vulnerable”.
Panda Security recommends that Windows XP users take additional precautions after April, and follow general security best practices to prevent malware infections until they upgrade their operating systems to a safer version.