A rare NES cartridge has 'sold' for nearly $100,000, but the winning bidder has withdrawn the offer.
The cartridge, one of only 90 Nintendo World Championship games in existence, was listed on eBay and received a high number of bids despite the worn condition of its label.
In the past, mint copies of the cartridge have sold for up to $18,000, so when the price went beyond this some began to question the validity of the bids.
When the auction ended at $99,902, the seller contacted the winning bidder, only for them to retract their bid, claiming their two-year-old had made it "by mistake".
"I'm now offering the item to other bidders in the auction to see if any of them are honourable individuals," the seller told Destructoid.
"It may take me a while but that's about all I can do for now. It would be nice if eBay were more seller-friendly, rather than 100% buyer protection focused."
The highest price a NES game has ever sold for at auction is $75,000, for a sealed copy of Family Fitness Stadium Events, which is believed to be one of only two sealed copies that exist.