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Thread: DotasDS v0.93

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    NDS DotasDS v0.93

    SeikoTheWiz a coder over at our friends Playeradvance forums has now released his new game for the DS

    Heres the screen:

    Heres a description of what DOTA is from the Wiki:

    Defense of the Ancients (often referred to as DotA) is a custom map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for the Blizzard title Starcraft. It is a team strategy game focused on hero combat. The objective is to destroy the opponents' base using one's own Hero along with allied heroes and allied AI-controlled fighters called "creeps". Sharing concepts with role playing games, the player levels up their hero and uses gold to buy equipment in an effort to best the opposing team.

    - 0.91: Record version
    - 0.91b: path to plant less
    - 0.92: patch of moveToAttack
    - 0.93: Now you can kill the turrets and creeps attack automatically.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Darn, I thought this would be pretty cool because I love dota on the PC but unfortunately it's way too slow. Also the sprites should be smaller and more detailed maybe and why does it not look like dota at all? I mean the overall map layout is correct but what's up with the walls? Also, it's sentinel vs. scourge not orcs vs humans. I assume these are WC1 or WC2 sprites but still... not that hard to take a screenshot from WC3. Some things that could easily be fixed though:
    Get better sprites
    Indicate a command to move to a certain location with an arrow thing like WC3 does
    Perhaps make it not crash after a few minutes
    Hopefully this gets better over time. Also, are the shops supposed to work? I can't figure them out at all. The pathfinder sucks, but so does WC3's so that's ok .

    Edit: RO sprites? uhh... I think if you just take some screenshots from WC3 it would at least look a lot better and make sense. Maybe try the map editor's model previews. I really hope this improves, disregard my negativity and just make it better lol.
    Maybe look at Noda's TD game, that is probably one of the best homebrew games and it emulates warcraft 3 quite well.

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    hmm... if it quit freezing, zoomed out more, mulitplayer, and had a better frame rate... this could be a good game

    also needs controls for lefties (like me :P)
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