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Thread: Locoroco Confusion

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    Default Locoroco Confusion

    When was Locoroco 2 released? No Screen shots or anything. just the release date. then also there is LocoRoco Cocoreccho, there was a preview for it at
    TGS 2007. its for the ps3. and supposivly this was released in september.

    here you can preorder in the uk for locoroco 2
    there it says its release date is febuary 28 2008.

    ign needs to update there sources because as a fan of locoroco it is very confusing and is messing up what little resources we have about it.


    please if u have any information about locoroco 2 or the ps3 locoroco please post it here.

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    This is pissing me off, too. They need to clarify, I'm dying for a sequel.

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