via elation

Here we are again with another update! Since the last update, all of the untranslated text including save game text, and ending text was translated and inserted. The Casino text was also dumped and translated, but I have yet to do the hacking work for the Casino games to handle English text. That certainly wasnít worth holding up beta testing, so full beta testing began nearly three weeks ago.

Iíd say weíre somewhere around 35% through beta testing. Beta testing has been going fairly smoothly for the most part. There have been a few significant issues reported, but otherwise reported issues have been minor ones such as text formatting issues, windows that needed expansion, and script errors. However, those issues have been enough to keep me busy.

At this point, I think I can definitely say I donít think weíre going to make a Christmas release. I expect beta testing to last a few more weeks yet and thereís plenty of things left to do before a full public release. Everybody is working as quickly as possible, but as always, these things just take time and nothing will be rushed. Iíd say a January release is probably more realistic right now. It will be worth the wait as the translation has come together nicely and Iím pretty happy with the way it has turned out.

If anybody has any artistic ability and wants to create an English title screen for the game, I will insert it into the final translation. Personally, I donít have any artistic skills, so I canít do it myself. If youíre interested, drop by the forum, or send me an e-mail.

With that said, I plan on updating again right around Christmas with the latest status of the project. See you all then!