Jfig 111 has updated his portal for the PSP, heres whats new:

1.6 Beta Features Announced!

"A doll named Bush" removed from CoreToon - (CoreToon)
Downloadable WiFiX Portal Themes supported - (Main)
WiFiX Seperated into two folders, "wifix" for the original WiFiX Portal without themes, and "wifixtheme" for using downloaded WiFiX Themes - (Main)
"iWiFiX" theme added to the WiStoriX. At the moment, you can only download this theme from PSP -(Themes)
Custom Icons in PSP/GAME/ for themes added, meaning by going into the "Game" folder, you can see a picture of the theme you have downloaded - (Main)
4 More Games added to CoreCade - (CoreCade)
English Chat and Spam Craze chatrooms were cleaned out - (Chat)
WiFiX Store moved to another domain, it is now at http://jfig111.freeweb7.com - (WiStoriX)
New WiFiX Store items including, Atrum Portal, Hot Pixel Demo, and several videos will be added in future - (WiStoriX)

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