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Thread: Review: Xbox 360 System Back Pack XB3400

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    xbox 360 Review: Xbox 360 System Back Pack XB3400

    Xbox 360 System Back Pack XB3400
    Manufacturer: ALS Industries
    Price: $89.95

    Overview : The System Back Pack bag is a official Xbox 360 licensed product. It can hold your Xbox 360, up to 4 controllers, the power pack, AV cable and the AC cord.

    Features :
    • Holds Xbox 360™ Console, Up to 4 Controllers, Power Pack, AV Cables and Power Cord.
    • Main Pocket Holds and protects Xbox 360™ Entertainment System with Bottom Section for Power Supply.
    • Middle Pocket Holds up to 4 Controllers and Front Pocket for Games, Headset and Other Accessories.
    • Convenient Mesh Side Pockets for Ethernet Cable and Component HD AV Cable.
    • Comfortable Carrying Handle.
    • Adjustable Padded Sraps.
    • Fully Padded Bag for Maximum protection.

    This product is manufactured under license from Microsoft Corporation.

    Quality/Usability : We all know that the Xbox 360 isnt the lightest system nor the smallest. Since I'm the gamer in the family and pretty much the entertainer amongst the kids, I tend to bring my consoles to family gatherings to keep everyone entertained whether it be PSP, DS, Wii, PS3 and/or Xbox 360. Its not easy having to carry all those systems plus cables, controllers and games. Thats where the Xbox 360 System Back Pack XB3400 comes in play.

    The XB3400 is a back pack so you can easily wear it and not feel uncomfortable while still leaving both your hands free to carry other things. The XB3400 has a flap with a clip at the end of it to keep it closed. When you flip open a flap, you are given three compartments and two elastic mesh pockets on the side.

    The two elastic mesh pockets can hold your cables whether they are ethernet, AV, HDMI or the other half of the power adapter.

    Lets start with the biggest compartment, the system area. At the very bottom, this is where you will place the brick they call the power supply. Near the bottom is a flap attached via velcro. This is actually a divider between the system and the power supply. When placing the system in, you may need to stick your hand in so that the system doesnt get stuck to the top of the velcro to prevent it from going down further.

    The next big pocket accomodates up to four controllers. You can also use it to hold games, other accessories or mix and match.

    The smaller compartment also allows you to hold more games or stuff you were unable to hold in the middle pocket.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Xbox 360 System Back Pack XB3400 fits everything you would need and more. The bag has a nice thick backing but it would of been nice if the shoulder straps were a little thicker considering the weight of the bag will be all on your shoulder when worn. Downside? The price. $90 for a bag? Its an officially licensed product but I still dont know if this would justify a $90 purchase. This case can be bought from Amazon. Luckily, ConsoleShop offers a price guarantee where they will beat any online price by 5%.

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    That is a cool idea
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