Ok guys, you might want to hurry up and grab the game as Mathew_Wi has decided to release the exploit now as the game seems to have been leaked. This is quite disappointing actually because this is the second leak for this kernel exploit.
So, the game is Fifa 11and it is available on the US and JP stores. Although Mathew hasnít described where the leak happened, Iíd like to send out a message to the leaker saying that he hasnít helped anyone by leaking and instead he has not only ruined many of our plans (like my sleep ) but has also ruined it for all the people who were going through the ninja release the right way.
Iíd like to point you and everyone else to the ďRegarding ninja releasesĒ thread just to remind you about how a ninja release works. Anyone who has ever wondered why we do ninja releases, itís because leaks like this just ruin it for everyone.
On to the release, Mathew_Wi posted here on the forums about how annoyed he was with the leak and thus released his exploit.
Since some genius decided to leak the exploit, and wololo isnít online right now, I am releasing this now. Sorry for breaking rules, but hey some $#@!head leaked it and it will likely disappear. Iím doing this because Iíd rather not punish the people who were waiting because of some ass hat.