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Thread: Mapthis and Slim problems

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    Default Mapthis and Slim problems

    Hi all, I downloaded the new mapthis and loaded on a slim psp with 3.71-m33 update 3 and the psp gps receiver. I made a map of the DC area, I think i made it right. I can use it on mapthis, everything loads up correctly. I did have to disable the usb charger hack. for some reason, the map doesn't have the two closest room levels. Also, I can't get the gsp part to work. It just sits there. Is there a manual for working this program? Address entry is still confusing me. Is the street name first? then the number?

    Someone please help this noob


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    What do you mean by "closest room levels"? In GMDL, you can specify the zoom levels you want using the Advanced button. Zoom 1 is the most detailed level.

    You can activate GPS mode by pressing Square, and you can check if things are working by pressing Start => GPS Info.

    Concerning looking up streets, you will need Geodata for that, in a file called geodata.dat. Search the forums to find out how that works.

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    Sorry, I meant zoom levels. I did press the zoom 1 in that program. but when It was done i got a list of tiles not included. And I did include the geodata. When i tried to enter an address, I put the numbers in and it wouldn't let me enter anything after that. but when i put the street name in first, i could put the numbers in after so I was able to type "park drive 1234" but not "1234 park drive" It only let me type "1234" (made up address but was entering real one at the time)

    And i did have the gps on and went to the gps info. it did nothing. when I am in gps mode it doesn't do anything. is it supposed to move to where I am on the map? I also think the signal thing says i am getting no signal. But I am in DC and everyone has gps around here. I just don't know, maybe i should try my Phat psp tomarrow.

    Also, is there a place where people share thier maps they have made? this might be easyer to share.


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