Pascal Bestebroer, also known as indie developer Orangepixel, is bringingGunslugs to the PS Vita later this month. Abstraction Games will help out with the Vita port.

Gunslugs is a chaotic 2D shooter with randomly generated levels. Bestebroer says difficulty is emphasized in Gunslugs and other games from his indie outfit. "Not brutal, and always fair," Bestebroer wrote on the PlayStation Blog, "but they are really hard."

There are six worlds, not counting the bonus worlds, to explore in Gunslugs. Each world is broken into two levels, along with a boss fight at the end. Mission objectives and leaderboards round out the content.

We interviewed Bestebroer early last year when he was working on the first version of Gunslugs. He described the game as "that game you played when you were a kid, pretending that your toy figurines were fighting a big war against evil, blowing everything up with a huge amount of fun."