At least two million PlayStation 4 owners have subscribed to PlayStation Plus, Sony's chief executive has revealed.
During an investor call on Thursday, CEO Kaz Hirai claimed that "of all the 4.2 million PS4s that have moved into the hands of consumers, more than half of those people have signed up for the PS Plus service".
Hirai was appointed Sony chief executive in April 2011. He previously led the PlayStation businessHirai and Sony's chief executive officer, Masaru Kato, declined to offer a specific number.
Both executives stated during the press conference that PS4 is selling above expectations, though claimed that the downturn in PS3 trading was more acute than initially expected.
Sony previously projected to sell a combined 15 million PS3 and PS4s by the end of March, and despite the fluctuations of both consoles' performance, said the target remains unchanged.
Kato also claimed that there are now more than 150 million PlayStation Network accounts, though it is unclear how many of those are active, and not duplicate accounts from a single user.
PlayStation Plus, a premium subscription service, grants PS4 players access to online multiplayer. Those signed up also can take advantage of various discounts to digital game downloads and content. Meanwhile, each month two new games are made available to subscribers for free on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.
Customers who have all three active Sony consoles therefore are offered six games per month to play for free, which will remain in their library as long as their $5/month subscription is maintained.
On Thursday, Sony told investors it is preparing for sweeping cost-cutting measures that will result in about 5,000 redundancies.
The media empire's TV segment will be spun off into a subsidiary, while Sony is looking to sell its PC business.
Despite the corporation projecting an annual loss overall, the games segment continues to grow.