A representative from UK electronics retailer Currys has just revealed to TNW that it'll start selling Google's Chromecast dongle beginning March 1st, though it cautioned that the date is only provisional for now. Currently for sale in the US only, the tiny media streamer supports a handful of apps like Netflix and Hulu, on top of tab streaming from Chrome. However, Google just opened the SDK to all developers, which prompted streaming outfits like Rdio and Beats to announcenew apps that'll arrive soon. That said, there's no word yet on which services you'll see in the UK at launch or how much Chromecast will set you back. That's assuming you don't already have one, of course -- it's been available awhile on the gray market and even through legit channels in Europe.
Update: TNW has now said that Google did not confirm the arrival of Chromecast in the UK; instead, it was Currys who stated that the March 1st arrival date was provisional. The post has been updated to reflect that.