Grid-based movement on a 3x3 grid can make moving around feel so ... simple. Right until you're dodging a storm of laser bullets, vertical beams of death and melee attacks, that is. Developer Sets and Settings is building Trestle upon this mechanic, placing the sense of victory in a high score.

Fans of the Mega Man Battle Network series' battle grid may feel right at home with Trestle. While dodging incoming attacks, Trestle allows players to swap out their weapon - boxes appear on grid spaces at random, which contain weapons like a flamethrower that covers an entire horizontal row of the opposing side's grid. Crates that replenish health also appear, but in early gameplay on SleepCycles' YouTube channel, they appear to spawn far less often than fresh types of ammunition.

Trestle's Tumblr page notes that the "base game is done," but Sets and Settings is adding new content and planning on an early 2014 release for PC, Mac and Linux.