First-person heister Payday 2 will be available free on PlayStation 3 for North American PS Plus subscribers as of Tuesday.
Sony announced Monday that the co-op shooter, which lets up to four players team up to rob banks, cause havoc, and flee the police, is the next addition to its Instant Game Collection.
In our Payday 2 review we found the game to be a "superb co-op shooter" with "tense, unpredictable missions," as long as you have a few friends to play with - which should be an easier proposition after it joins the Instant Game Collection.
LlamaSoft's Tempest-inspired shooter TxK will also be available on PS Vita starting Tuesday at a subscriber price of $7.99 through February 18. The firm has not yet announced the PlayStation Store's European plans for this week.
Sony announced on Friday that half of all PlayStation 4 owners subscribe to the service.
First-person horror game Outlast debuted on PlayStation Store last week, where it was also free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America and Europe.