Sometimes we notice something that makes us simply say: "Yes. This works perfectly."
The Mega Drive Megatron is one of these things. It's a Transformers figure that turns into a Sega Mega Drive.

"That's all well and good, CVG," we hear you say sarcastically, each word spread thickly with a layer of snark. "But this is obviously a one-off custom creation that some knob has put together in his basement. Stop playing with our hearts like this."
Well, charade you are, dear reader. Of course we'd never toy with your emotions in such a reprehensible manner. No, this is the real deal, a genuine collaboration between Sega and Takara Tomy, the creators of the Transformers toys.
Sega Of Japan even tweeted a message showing off the Mega Drive Megatron, stating that it would be shown at the Winter Wonder Festival in Chiba, Japan. In our gallery above you can see a photo of it at said Festival, in an unpainted prototype form.
Right now there are three big questions still to be answered: Firstly, when will it be released? Secondly, will it be easy enough to import it in the UK? And thirdly, will it have the capability to sire our children?
When we find out the answers to the first two questions, we'll be sure to let you know. The answer to the third will be our own little secret.