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Thread: Futuristic Wii Mod Is Worthy of 'Best...Mod...Evar' Title

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    Rev Futuristic Wii Mod Is Worthy of 'Best...Mod...Evar' Title

    via Gizmodo

    easy enough to throw a few lights and a clear door on your PC or console and declare it a mod. But to make it look like this modded Wii takes an aesthetic eye. Put together by a modder who calls himself Kypes, the Wii features a black face and stand, clear sides, painted Disk Drive and LEDs that feature enough neon goodness to get a hipster excited.

    What makes the LED arrangement so nice is the way the purple lights cross to highlight the disk drive and the green lights illuminate the rear fan. Kypes also included an additional SD slot in the back, a built in Game Cube memory card, and a new light for the load slot. Check out the video below for a better idea.

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    That mod isn't as good as

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    That mod is definitely bow-down worthy. I am truly jealous.

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