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Thread: UME - Rythm Game prototype

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    NDS UME - Rythm Game prototype

    News/release from sumiguchi

    This is a rythm game where rockets of 4 colors are shot into the sky. When the rocket hits the marker of the same color, tap that color on the pad. Time it right to explode the fireworks...miss and the rocket fizzles out. Play to the rythm of the music... Don't like my rythm? - record your own by pressing select instead of start. (no undo)

    The music, provided by Cid2Mizard from dev-fr, is read from fat and note data is read/write from fat. DLDI patch the rom

    Use your own mp3 (downsample to 22k mono, 2MB max, and rename to the files provided) to try your own song or your favorite song I used Tom's code for mp3 found here

    Anyways - let me know what'cha think

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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