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Thread: Need a Wii - Lets Help You - US Wiis for $378.39 (185),

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    Rev Need a Wii - Lets Help You - US Wiis for $378.39 (185),

    The Nintendo Wii is the hardest of the consoles to get this Xmas and thats for the second year running, quite staggering that a year old console is still selling out worldwide

    Heres a list of places that are selling the Nintendo Wii and what version, price etc and they are all in stock


    SuccessHK are selling the US Version Nintendo Wii for a very nice USD:378.39 (185), very very decent price esp whilst theres a still a rush for them. Jap Wiis are selling for USD:335.35 (160), only good for modchipping to those outside of japan.

    Divineo UK

    Divineo UK have the Wii Sports Bundle Wii Console at a price of 269 and are in stock.

    Play Asia

    Play Asia have US Version Nintendo Wii Consoles (wii sports pack) for US$ 469.00 (~228.02 GBP) and the japanese version Nintendo Wii for US$ 299.00 (~145.37 GBP). The jap version will only interest non Japanese if you are modding the Wii.

    Divineo Sweden

    Divineo Sweden are selling Wii Consoles for 2690.00 Kr and also a Black Nintendo Wii Modded with the WiiKey modchip for 4990.00 Kr and also a White Nintendo Wii modded with the Wiikey modchip.

    So there you have it Nintendo Wii Consoles in stock around the world, pick of the bunch is SuccessHKs US Version .

    Hope that helps those of you who want a Nintendo Wii for Xmas.


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    If you want a PAL Wii then Germany (e.x. have more than enough in stock. 249€ each (Wii Sports included)

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