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Thread: Tabbed v0.17

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    NDS Tabbed v0.17

    News/release from Wizlon:

    Lah de dahÖ what do we have in this updateÖ lets see. Iíve added some new icons in the mod player, tidyied up the code.. err, what else have I done? Thatís itÖ added MP3 support!! I know lots of people wanted I and never stopped wanting to put it in, so I finally took the plunge and did it. I canít really guarantee the integrity of it but it should be pretty stable. I would, however advise that you keep file sizes down by compressing the file, even 64kbps files sound good over the speakers and when plugged into an amp or speakers with a guitar over it you shouldnít be able to tell the difference. The only proviso is that you HAVE to conert the file to mono otherwise the file will sound like it is being filtered through treacle. It was either release it now with that restriction or hold off to a later date, so I thought Iíd let you have it now. While Iím here I also want to say a big thank you to Tom on the forums for putting together the PAlib mp3 support and helping me, and others, out with getting it working. People like Tom are the ones that keep this scene flowing and give coders like me the tools to make excellent, free software, for people like you. Cheers Tom.

    Ok, instructions for the MP3 support

    - convert file to mono and optionally decrease bitrate
    - place anywhere on card
    - select the media player
    - browse for the file
    - the file, once selected, will take a short while to copy to memory
    - eat a biscuit (optional)
    - the play icon will play the file, once selected it will turn to a stop icon.
    - the file will continue to play between screens, I have also placed a play button on the tab viewer screen
    - to play a new file you have to eject the file by clicking the eject symbol in the media player
    - a new file can then be selected
    - repeat to fade (3cr)

    so whats next thenÖ Iím not telling actually, youíll notice a gap in the bottom lineup of icons on the main screen, that was where the old save icon was, which I use for debugging different units of code and where the next module of code was. All iíll say about the next addition is that I love it, and have used it a couple of times already. I just know youíll love it, thats why I want it to be extra feature rish and shiny when I hand it over to you lot. But for now Iím sure youíll love the early christmas present that is Mp3 support.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    What is this Tabbed thing anyways? XD
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