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Ninja Reflex is a party game for Wii (and DS) that'll test your ninja, er, reflexes.

Basically, you'll be hit with a number of martial arts-related challenges which you must pull of with the precision of Bruce Lee. Reaction times are measured to the millisecond, we're told.

You're ultimate goal in single-player is to earn a black belt, while you can also try and out-ninja other ninjas in multiplayer.

"Ninja Reflex channels the accessible multiplayer fun of Wii Sports and the self-improvement aspect of Brain Age into a martial arts universe that is ideally suited for the Wii and Nintendo DS," says David Luntz, president and CEO of Nunchuck Games which is co-publishing the game with EA.

Ninja Reflex ninjas into shops next March. Have a look at the Wii screenshots if you're ninja enough.