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Thread: First FIFA Street 3 DS shots

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    NDS First FIFA Street 3 DS shots

    via Computer and Video Games

    The third iteration in EA's flamboyant arcade football series, Fifa Street 3, is in the works not only for consoles but for DS too, and here are the first ever shots.

    The touch screen will be put to use to allow players to easily pass, shoot and perform the nutty tricks in the game.

    "Use the stylus and simple button controls to seamlessly combine moves together between players to execute rewarding combos - providing you with tons of different ways to showcase your street skills," explains EA.

    "Fill up your Gamebreaker bar and trigger Touch Screen controlled team trick moments to increase your chances of scoring a goal."

    The DS version will also pack an exclusive mini game called Kick Ups, which EA says "will challenge you to keep the ball in the air and test your ball juggling skills."

    It's down for a February 2008 release. Check out first screens here.

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    Of course, EA release their games on all the platforms

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    never liked football, and 2 crap EA games (the simpsons game ds and nfs pro street all versions) won't sway me

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiggy fuzz View Post
    never liked football

    Are you a boy?

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    Fifa street brings shame to football games. It's horrible. I hate it. Showboating is for bigheads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKKDARK View Post

    Are you a boy?
    yes. i hate football. never liked it, and i can get away with bursting other people's balls because i'm bigger than lots of people

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