News from the Moonbooks Project:

This week we have released only a few things, as real life has caught up with us.
I am happy to say this season of Heroes was excellent, and would like to point out that issues 1-61 are available for free download and viewing on the DS, along with the viewer program ComicBookDS.

On the book front we have released a few titles of interest. First is a book on dinosaurs by William Diller Matthew. Secondly, I have put together a Bible reference collection for the more religious minded of us.

On the movie side of things we have released several titles:

Damon and Pythias - a story of friendship's triumph
David and Goliath - the classic story of the underdog's triumph
Meet John Doe - sometimes a little trickery is a good thing
Quicksand - and sometimes it's best to just be honest

Also, don't forget that throughout December we are giving away a free DS Lite skin every Friday.