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Thread: Platdude's Retro Collection - 18

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    NDS Platdude's Retro Collection - 18

    Jayenkai has updated his Retro Collection for the DS, heres the full info:

    Platdude's Retro Collection - 18
    Updated : Now with EIGHTEEN retro games!

    The Brief
    A collection of retro styled games, kicked up a notch.

    The Notice
    DLDI Patch the _dldi versions to keep your highscores. There are no other differences between the two versions.

    I'm now having to include 3 versions of each. It seems that Supercards are fussy enough to want their own special edition of the game. How silly! And people complain about the Games'n'Music!! At least that used the standard format!

    The Credits
    The Games were coded by Jayenkai.
    The Graphics were drawn by Jayenkai.
    The Sound Effects were created by Jayenkai.
    Some Music was also made by Jayenkai, but then he took it out because it got annoying.

    The Email
    Contact if you have suggestions/bugs/additional game ideas. All game ideas are taken into consideration, but not all will be added!

    The Websites
    My DS Game list - Check in for updates. - A Game Making forum. (It's like BlitzCoder 2!)

    The Games
    Centipede : Shoot the centipede. Don't let it escape.
    Snake : Guide the Snake. Grab the numbered blocks.
    Invaders : Shoot the aliens. Don't let them get to the bottom.
    Light Cycles : Try to get your opponents to crash.
    Asteroids : Destroy the asteroids before they destroy you.
    Pacman : Run around and collect things.

    Frogger : Leap your way across 2 busy roads.
    Pong : Beat your opponent, "one" ball at a time.
    Tetris : Build low!
    Buzzard Bait : You might like to call this game Joust. I owned a TRS-80, so I call it Buzzard Bait
    QBert : Hop around and change all the bricks.
    Spike Dodge : Dodge the spikes, pick up the balls.

    Extract : Keep Blue away from Red, and grab the Greens.
    Missile Command : Tap to fire. Stop the missiles.
    DotPop : Tap the squares. The quicker you tap 'em, the more you score.
    Lights Out : Tap to invert a + of lights. Try to turn them all off.
    5 In a Line : Shuffle the rows and columns around to make a whole line of a single color.
    Tune Tap : Repeat the tune.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    great! i have been looking for a arcade/retro collection! THX mate

    Add some more games and it will become a super collection!!

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    10/10 for effort 8)

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    I keep getting a CRC error on the zip :-/
    (CRC Failed file is broken)
    Using 7zip.

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