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Thread: SD-BOOT v0.1

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    GC SD-BOOT v0.1

    Emukidid has released a great new homebrew for Gamecube and Wii Owners

    sd-boot v0.1 (BETA)

    A program which lets you run homebrew and legally created GC backups via SDgecko.

    Put .GCM files in a directory called GCGAMES on the root of your SD card.
    Boot up the .dol file however you want.
    Pop the SD card in slot B
    Select a file and enjoy

    - A Gamecube or a Wii
    and one or more of the following
    - PSO+BBA (for GC dudes)
    - Action Replay + SD CARD
    - SDML
    - Modchip

    There's alot to be fixed in this program, but this is a simple start.
    Hopefully after I get a larger SD card I will find fixes to problems reported about games.

    How it works (not so technical):
    Intercept a dvdread, turn it into a seek to sector 0 and read my data from sd card.

    Source is messy.. but yes it's included.
    There's bits and pieces borrowed from everywhere
    and I try to give credits where needed.

    Thanks to:
    gc-linux sd code for simple methods on how to use the sd gecko
    brakk3n for the backdrop
    everyone at tehskeen for the emulators and their sources
    libOGC devs for libOGC

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    excellent work man! i have been waiting for something like this to come along for a longgggggg time!

    i didn't expect it to work, but i tried loading a couple games. i tried the legend of zelda: wind waker, and it looked like it was gonna boot, but it gave me some kind of "exception error!" with a bunch of code output.

    same thing happened when i tried to load mario kart: double dash!!

    i will try luigis mansion here in a second, but thanks for the release and i hope to see it workin with more games soon


    i am using the Datel SD Media Launcher, and i just tried luigis mansion....same error as the other 2. i'm not using the PAL version, i'm using the regular US version of your sd-boot program. the dol file boots up, i pick the gcm file, and here is the screen i'm getting, in case it helps any.

    (just a black screen with the following text)

    Exception (DSI) occured!
    GPR00 81409c90 GPR08 80c00838 GPR16 00000000 GPR24 00000000
    GPR01 81498488 GPR09 00800080 GPR17 00000000 GPR25 00000000
    GPR02 81405b04 GPR10 81476858 GPR18 00000000 GPR26 00000000
    GPR03 00096008 GPR11 00000000 GPR19 00000000 GPR27 81470000
    GPR04 80c00818 GPR12 81409c88 GPR20 00000000 GPR28 001172c0
    GPR05 80c00810 GPR13 8140a328 GPR21 00000000 GPR29 81476458
    GPR06 00096030 GPR14 00000000 GPR22 00000000 GPR30 81412274
    GPR07 00800080 GPR15 00000000 GPR23 00000000 GPR31 80c00818
    LR 8130b8a0 SRR0 8130b924 SRR1 00008032 MSR 00000000
    DAR 00800088 DSISR 06000000

    0x8130b924--> 0x8130b8a0--> 0x81315a20--> 0x81315974


    0x8130b924: 91270008 90e9000c 60c00001 7cc6292e
    0x8130b934: 90050004 409a00ac 2b8601ff 409d00c8
    0x8130b944: 54caba7f 54cbe8fe 41820054 2b8a0004

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    Says to insert SDGecko into slot 2 or something. All I have is a Wiikey SD Memory Card adaptor + Action Replay. Is that sufficient? Am I doing something wrong?

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    I think any SD adapter will work.

    However, I'm having issues using it. I have a MarioKart backup 480MB or so. It boots to "SD-Boot" screen, asks for me to insert the card in slot-B (which I do) and press A. Then it says something about initializing DVD (DVD drive spins up) and then it crashes to a black screen of death with a code such as the one posted above.

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    have u typed in the action replay init code

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