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Thread: Woopsi 0.26 Released

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    NDS Woopsi 0.26 Released

    Ant512 has released a new version of his windowing system for the Nintendo DS, heres the release info:

    It's been about a month since the last release, so it's about time for another. Woopsi 0.26 is now available on the SourceForge site:

    Here's a screenshot of the lastest demo:

    (I know the version number in the screengrab is wrong.)

    There are a huge number of changes, mainly aimed at improving the API for developers. Changes are:

    - Fixes:
    - Added clip-to-physical-screen code back in.
    - Fixed inconsistency in screen _flags.borderless variable.
    - Fixed warning in gadget.cpp (bug 1826584).
    - Removed parent pointers from gadget constructors.
    - Removed eventhandler.cpp and rolled the functionality into the header.
    - Removed font bitmap check from TextWriter (feature 1830307).
    - Renamed "addXXX()" gadget creation functions to "newXXX()" (feature 1830242).
    - Added check for null parent pointer before adding gadgets to child vector (bug 1830241).
    - Fixed flicker in top display when flipping screens.
    - Fixed border size confusion in Window class.
    - Fixed problem with height and width to y2 and x2 conversion in TextWriter.
    - Fixed scroll limit problem in TextViewer.
    - Fixed drawing problems in TextViewer.
    - Removed _deleteQueueActive from Gadget class and rely on vector size instead (bug 1843784).
    - Made destructors virtual where appropriate.
    - Set gadgets to be invisible until added to a parent gadget to prevent them being drawn to arbitrary positions on the screen.
    - Removed "removeOverlappedRects" from Woopsi class.
    - Changed Gadget::eraseGadget() so that the parent is responsible for erasing children instead of passing call up to Woopsi instance.
    - Fixed Woopsi constructor parameter order.

    - New Features:
    - Screen and window borders can be enabled/disabled with setBorderless().
    - Gadgets now have a flags bitmask instead of individual bools to control properties (request 1826433).
    - Added addGadget() and insertGadget() for more control over children.
    - Added an ID number ("refcon") to the base gadget class (request 1828519).
    - Added getClientRect() function to gadget/window/screen classes.
    - Added GraphicsPort class to handle drawing within gadgets.
    - Gadgets now cache their visible regions to improve drawing speed.
    - Pong demo uses a GraphicsPort instead of a SuperBitmap.
    - Added "removeGadget" function for deleting gadgets from vectors.
    - Added gadget decoration concept to handle borders, etc.
    - Removed all usage of Gadget::getType() to aid subclassing.
    - BitmapButton draws its bitmap using GraphicsPort.
    - Window uses parent screen's GraphicsPort to draw its XOR rectangles (fixes bug in which XOR rectangle overlaps other screens, but no longer relevant since screens automatically depth-sort when clicked).
    - Window border gadgets use GraphicsPort for their output.
    - Screen title gadget uses GraphicsPort for its output.
    - Removed most drawing functions from Gadget class.
    - Added hardware-accelerated horizontal line drawing.
    - Improved speed of filled rect by using faster horizontal line routine.
    - Renamed bool getters from "getXXX()" to "isXXX()".
    - Added clip-to-parents into Gadget::cacheVisibleRects and Gadget::splitRects.
    - Removed glyph font and added support routines to allow single font.
    - Added font inheritance system.
    - Added Gradient background class.
    - Removed background image from demo and replaced with gradient.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    this is starting to get pretty good I think I might start using it.
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    Looks interesting, and i like the WB look.

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