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This is a puzzle game which challenges your memory. Two grids are composed of m shapes (rows) and n colors (columns). The bottom one is for play and the top one is for hint. You must touch the cells of the bottom grid and turn them face up one by one. The next cell touched must match shape or color with the previous cell touched. If so, you can touch another cell. If not, the unmatched cells will be turnt face down and you touch over again.

1. The bottom grid:
black cell - untouched,
gray cell - touched and unmatched,
white background - current matched,
gray background - unmatched,
black background - matched.
2. The top grid:
black background - untouched,
white background - current touched,
gray background - touched and unmatched,
black cell - matched.

1. Touch the first cell and score 0 point.
2. Touch the second cell which matches shape or color with the first cell and score 1 point.
3. Touch the third cell which matches shape or color with the second cell and score 2 points.
3. Touch the fourth cell which matches shape or color with the third cell and score 3 points.
4. And so on...
5. In single player mode, touch a cell and score minus 1 point.
6. In single player mode, clear the whole m*n grid and score m*n bonus.

1. Plus: plus score. See above!
2. Minus: minus score. See above!
3. Bonus: bonus score. See above!
4. Score: current score = Plus - Minus + Bonus. Maybe minus.
5. Shapes: Change the number of shapes (rows) of the grid.
6. Colors: Change the number of colors (columns) of the grid.
7. Time counter: Turn all cells face up and start counting up and memorize, and then turn all cells face down and stop counting up and play.
8. Question mark: toggle if show the grid for hint or not.
9. Grid: New game.
10. Triangle: Give up continuing touching. It is sometimes neccessary.

I wonder if anyone can score the highest 2016. (You must play the 8*8 grid and use the time counter.) Please post how many seconds you spend.

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