By Dan Freeman, GameRush Entertainment

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the U.S. Postal Service is expected to deliver some 20 billion pieces of mail. However, some packages don’t always arrive to their destinations intact.

A woman in Columbus, Georgia was able to find and purchase a Nintendo Wii on eBay only to have it stolen during shipping.

“It looks like someone ripped it backwards,” Kathy Green told local WTVM.

When the package arrived, the box the Wii was supposed to be in was torn open. Inside the actual Wii box, the console was missing.

Officials at the post office can confirm through tracking the package that its weight was heavier at one point, but cannot determine what went wrong. Since Green had the package insured, she’ll recoup the money.

“It’s hard to tell where in the system it got opened up or where it actually happened,” said USPS Customer Service Manager Michael Matthews.

“Package your articles correctly, make sure they’re secure, be sure that you have an address on the inside of the package as well as the outside of the package.”

Claims of stolen or damaged contents can be claimed at a local post office and refunded if the value is less than $50. Others must go through a process with a corporate office, which takes about a month.