Proving the old adage that "violence always solves everything," - or something like that - Facepunch Studios has implemented a new anti-cheating system, dubbed "CheatPunch," in their first-person survival game Rust. During its initial run over last weekend, a total of 4,621 people were banned. Facepunch, CheatPunch ... is there any problem that can't be solved by punching?

Developer Garry Newman noted on the game's site that he expects cheats will be found that can circumvent the anti-cheating measure, but players should nonetheless be wary: "If you get kicked from the official servers with the message that you've been banned then you have been caught," Newman wrote. "You're a naughty boy. You know what you have done. You won't get unbanned. We know it was your 9 year old cousin. We know your computer got hijacked. We know that the CIA is getting you banned from all your games on Steam so you will join them in the hunt for aliens."

As a famous dynamic duo would say: !