Yesterday, Nintendo sent out a Wii message notifying all Wii owners of updates for the Wii Shop Channel and the Photo Channel.

Dear Nintendo Consumer,

We are pleased to announce that the following two new features have been added to the Wii console: (1) Wii Gifting in the Wii Shop Channel and (2) an update to the Photo Channel.

The Wii Gifting feature allows you to buy games for your friends and family and to gift such games to them right from your Wii Shop Channel. To learn how to use this new feature, go to

In addition to the Wii Gifting feature, the Photo Channel has been updated to allow you to: (1) paste your favorite picture on the Photo Channel icon displayed on the Wii Menu and (2) play AAC-format music files while viewing slide shows.

[How to use this.]
The new Photo Channel can be downloaded from the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel at no cost. Please note that if the Photo Channel you are currently using is the "Photo Channel 1.1" version, you will not need to download this new version.

To verify whether or not you are currently using Photo Channel 1.1, just point your Wii Remote on the Photo Channel icon on the Wii Menu screen. The screen will display "Photo Channel 1.1" if that is the version you are using.

In order to download the updated Photo Channel, you'll first need to update your Wii Shop Channel. Press the "Update" button located on the lower-right side of the screen to start the update.


If you don't feel like buying anything right now, and you would like to try out the Gifting feature, you can send the Photo Channel update to a friend! The gift letters are pretty nice!
One small thing to note, after the update, the Wii Shop Channel now has a stylish new animation when you click on it!