Memor32 has released a new build of their Save Game Manager, now with Windows Vista support. The Memor32 allows you to download game save files and load them onto the Memor32.

Updated Release (v1.3) of the Memor32 Save Game Manager. Windows Vista support has now been added on all the different Windows Vista versions. The Max Drive (.max extension) support for save games is not yet functional under Vista, will be added in a coming release.

The Memor32 can also be turned into a fully function PS2 mod chip with the use of Memento firmware. We will bring you a full review of the Memor32 once we test it out on Windows Vista. In the mean time, you can purchase the Memor32 from Divineo Germany, Divineo France, Divineo Spain, Divineo Italy, Futura Videogames, MrModchips and ConsoleSource. Just remember that it does not include the USB cable in order to keep costs down. If you have a Sony digicam, Sony PSP or any devices that uses a USB mini-A cable, it will work on the Memor32.

Source: Memor32