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Thread: PernEdit Beta Released

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    NDS PernEdit Beta Released

    Via tehskeen

    Dovoto has released a beta version of his map editor for the Nintendo DS. Using this Windows based application you can create a world with various maps that support multiple layers and can also import sprite files into your project for placement. It seems to be a handy tool, but the downside to this is after the beta is over he'll be charging a little bit of cash to use the tool.


    * It supports any tile size.
    * It supports any number of layers and maps.
    * Maps and layers are resizable.
    * Tile-sets of any bit depth.
    * It supports rectangular bounding box placement
    * Flexible docking windows
    * plugin system for just about everything, including c# scripting of brush behavior, import and export plugins
    * export plugins provided for grit as well as to bitmap
    * example usage to be included in next release of libnds (currently in cvs)

    The installation is a little odd as you run the .application file which connects to the Internet and downloads the edit and installs it on your machine. It requires the MS .NET FrameWork v2.0 to use.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    don't works for me

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