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Thread: UT III movies: PC vs PS3

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    IRC Chat UT III movies: PC vs PS3

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    It's the same old story - if you turn on any version of Unreal Tournament III, you'll look at the graphics and say "wow", and you'll be happy. But there are considerable differences between the two.

    As you will have heard, the PS3 version is said to be around 30 percent slower than its PC brother.

    Even though the PS3 game supports mouse and keyboard control, not everyone will have that set-up so Epic slowed the game down to accommodate the lower accuracy of analogue stick control.

    But it doesn't spoil the game at all. Running side by side, you can see the difference, but we think it's just the right speed for the console version.

    There are graphical differences too - running on a super high-end machine, the PC version looks more polished, and runs at 60 frames per second, which Epic chose to lock the still stunning-looking PS3 version to 30 frames.

    You'll see some colour differences as well. Deck looks bluer on PC - could just be a graphics card thing.

    Here, we take a run through the classic Deck level, and show off some of the Warfare mode to see how they fare. The video is small, granted, but you can see the speed difference, and subtle colour changes between the two versions.

    Video here

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