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Thread: [RELEASE] Magic PSP Station - Magic the Gathering comes to PSP

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    Default [RELEASE] Magic PSP Station - Magic the Gathering comes to PSP

    Magic PSP Station (MPS)


    Magic PSP Station (MPS) supports solitaire play and two-player hotseat using any single card set from Magic the Gathering. The starter package allows the program to run the set 10th edition, and includes 10th edition preconstructed decks in MPS format.


    Updated Installation Instructions

    (1) Install the MPS program.
    (2) Install an MPS theme.
    (3) Install sets and decks desired.
    (4) Install the set updates file.

    Step 1. Download and install the program. Copy MPS directory and all of its contents to your choice of GAME directory, depending on your flavor of firmware. Program files may be found here:
    Note: MPS themes and card sets are not distributed with MPS for legal reasons. You must download them separately. All additional required files can be found in the MPS User Content Share Folder.

    Step 2. Download and install the theme. The avatar images may be customized. The image must be 34 by 34 pixels and saved in PNG format. Your avatar should be named myAvatar.png and your opponent's should be named opAvatar.png.

    MPS User Content Share Folder (link)
    * Malhavoc's Post 8th MPS theme

    Copy theme to \MPS\data\ directory.

    Step 3. Download and install the sets and decks you want. The deck update contains MWS format decks for all current MPS sets.

    MPS User Content Share Folder (link)
    * 4th edition
    * Portal
    * Portal, Second Age
    * Portal, Three Kingdoms
    * 9th edition
    * 10th edition
    * Ravnica
    * Lorwyn

    Copy set files to the \MPS\sets\ directory like so:
    etc. etc. using the same 3 letter abbreviation used in MWS.
    MPS User Content Share Folder (link)
    * Decks update
    Copy decks to \MPS\decks\ like so:
    etc. etc. with the same 3 letter abbraviation as the set.
    Step 4. Download and install the set files update. Many sets' database files have not been updated for use with the latest version of MPS, so to be safe it's recommended that you install the set files update last. This also allows for the quick fix of any set typos or mistakes.


    Readme Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Summary
    3. Installation (*use updated instructions above*)
    4. Interface
    5. Special Actions FAQ
    6. Controls
    7. How to change decks
    8. How to make decks
    9. How to install new sets
    10. Learn to play Magic the Gathering
    11. Display Note
    12. Limitations
    13. Disclaimer
    14. Thanks

    Please see the full readme before installation.

    User made MPS sets:

    Portal - Theredbaron (1.00)
    Portal, Second Age - Theredbaron (1.00)
    Lorwyn - weapon33 (1.00)
    Portal, Three Kingdoms - Therebaron (1.00)
    Ravnica - weapon33 (1.00)
    4th edition - weapon33 (1.02+)
    9th edition - Anonymouse (1.02+)
    Mirrodin - Rasb (as yet untested)
    Odyssey - Rasb (as yet untested)
    Onslaught - Rasb (as yet untested)
    **Note: MPS 1.00 format sets must be updated for MPS 1.02 and above.**

    LINK: User Content Share Folder

    About creating sets:

    1. Getting card images - MWSData Forum
    2. Image manipulations - For rotations and resizing, try Easy Thumbnails. It's free and easy to use. It can do every step except the image type conversions.
    3. Name.dat files - card names must be in alphabetical order. Names should conform to the Magic Workstation database. Basic lands should read "Forest (1)", "Forest (2)", etc.
    4. Types should be: 0 creature, 1 enchantment, 2 artifact, 3 land, 4 instant, 5 sorcery. Planeswalkers are also 1.
    5. Upload the sets to MediaFire so that they might easily be added to the User Content share folder.

    ***Hey, any mods that see this, I need my user name changed to transce080, please. You would be my hero.***
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    That's great, I always wanted to try Magic The Gathering but could not stand the people in my town that actually were interested in it. Now I can play it alone. I hope there is a tutorial in there because I don't know the rules.

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    wow thanks, if it works properly this could give hours of fun, it's been a long time since played MTG but loved it, will give it a try, thanks again :thumbup:

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    Amazing homebrew mate

    hope to see some updates, maybe you could resize it cause 78 MB are too much for my dial-up at 56 kbps

    Thanks so much for your work

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    Yeah if you could make it a smaller file it would be great

    Good work anyway

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    Ohh, nice looking Homebrew indeed! Great to see some MTG love for the PSP but adding sets seems WAY too time consuming. I would love too see some old school Ice Age or Mirage/Visions cards but my god, creating a mass database of the cards and getting the art scans...what a task Hope to see some updates and maybe someone creating some set databases.

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    this is great no idea how to work it, but still fun to try, wonder if you make something like this for pokemon or even Yu-gi-oh cards cos that whould be nice.

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    *revisits his childhood*

    Excellent idea, my friend...Ice Age and Mirage would be key...but this is certainly amazing on its own.

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    I'm a newbie programmer, and at one time I briefly fancied the thought of bringing a similar project to fruition. However, reality smacked me upside the head once I started thinking of all of the things that would need done, and I gave up.

    Great job on succeeding where I could not!

    p.s. Wizards of the Coast (the makers of magic) provide an online means of playing the magic game. They update it with all of the new physical cards, as well as some of the older popular sets. During the time I considered bringing this to the psp, I had planned on taking the images from Wizard's online client (which were in a easily viewable format) and either using them as is, or using a batch program to reformat/resize them to what I needed.

    It's been a while since I did this, they might have changed how the client stores the card pictures, but it might be worth looking to make cardset scanning easier and quicker.

    However, it is copyrighted material, so the usual complications are involved.

    I look forward to future updates to this!

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    Problem is there really is no other way than to add sets. I have almost all the cards downloaded for a pc version and it is an absurd amount of images and size.

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