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Thread: Flashcart OS: Slot-1 Edition 1.1

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    Default Flashcart OS: Slot-1 Edition 1.1

    Here's the newest version, 1.1.

    New features include skinning support! The only bug now is the no GBA booting when booted from the GnM. If you really need to try to boot GBA when used as bootme.nds, you can boot from DSOrganize. R4/M3 Simply skins may be used with little modification. See Skinning.txt in the 'fshl' directory.

    This does NOT run Commercial ROMS!!!
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    seems to be potentially awesome. What carts does it support and what features does it have? (IE 100% game compatibility, cheats, etc). A project like this might also benefit if it were open source, allowing people to integrate whatever programs they like.

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    does this work on R4 and if so is or will it be better than the R4 os?

    cheers, paul

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    soz i mite sound like a wierdo but wat does this do im sure its gr8 in all

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    It works on any flashcart but is aimed at Slot-1 Version ( Slot-2 version will be coming out later).
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    NDS Mediaplayer [Moonshell] doesn't work from the main menu

    I do everething that's said on the End-User manual, but for some reason i'm not able to make the MediaPlayer works from the main menu, i have to click on the Games icon and browse to the moonshell.nds file and boot it to be able to play it from the FCOS, but i want it to work from the main menu [ the menu where are the GAME MediaPlayer and GBA Icons ]

    By the way, I use a DS-Xtreme 16Gbits

    PS.: can somebody [maybe the admins or any mods] place the source or the URL of the authors of this Homebrew application ? any links should be appreciate it, Thanks

    PS2.: I'm posting some images of the FCOS running on the No$GBA [ it does'n load the Skin and doesn't run any application or homebrew from the No$GBA or IDeaS ]
    Plus i've added the End-User and the Skinning files, both are translated to Spanish [ for some people this could comes in handy ]
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